• Amplified Sound Permit - Required when noise is amplified using, but not limited to, a public address system, disc jockey, or band. There is a $25 permit fee. Anyone requesting an amplified sound permit needs to make a reservation or have an event or activity permit.
  • Alcohol Permit - Sacramento County Ordinance section gives County Parks the authority to issue alcohol permits for picnics and special events. This permit allows the organizer and guests to possess and consume alcohol with the following exceptions:
    • People must be 21 years of age or older
    • Alcohol in glass containers is prohibited
    • Permit is revocable if disorderly conduct is reported, including underage drinking.
  • Filming Permits - This permit is needed when filming is being done in County Parks or Park Facilities on the American River Parkway. You may get the combined Film Permit and Application here.  In addition to the Parks Permit, all productions filmed in unincorporated Sacramento County must obtain  a Film Permit from the County.  For more information, visit our Filming Opportunities page.
  • Bounce House Permit - Sacramento County Regional Parks requires all parties with inflatable jump houses to have a Bounce House Permit.  There is a $25 permit fee.  Anyone requesting a Bounce House Permit needs to make a reservation, provide proof of insurance from the Bounce House company and pay the permit fee.  Failure to do so will result in the removal of the inflatable upon the Park staff's request.
    No water inflatables are allowed in Regional Parks.
  • Post Payment Parking Permits - Needed if an event holder would like to pay for their guest's park entry fee. There is a $25 processing fee plus a charge of $5 per guest vehicle. The total fee will be billed to the permit holder after the event. A reservation for a park site is not required to have a post payment permit, but two-week advance notice is required.

Contact Regional Parks at 916-875-6336 or via email at to get more information or to request a permit.

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