Fire Risk Reduction

​Reducing Fire Risk in Sacramento County Parks

Sacramento County’s Regional Parks is continuing our goal to decrease the number and size of wildfires in our parks, and protect our high priority forests, wildlife habitats, and cultural resources.  Parks staff are using and evaluating a number of techniques to balance resource protection and fire risk, including prescribed fire, livestock grazing, and maintaining our designated firebreaks and fire roads.

Listed below is a schedule of Sacramento County Regional Parks' wildfire risk reduction activities.

Resident and Prope​​rty Owner Responsibilities

Anyone who owns or lives on prope​rty adjacent to County Parks should be aware of the following rules and guidelines:

  • Do not dispose of yard waste or trash onto County property behind your fences. Residents in the unincorporated area of Sacramento County are entitled to one bulky waste collection per calendar year at no charge
  • Reduce fire fuel on your property. Visit Ready for Wildfire for tips and info.
  • Learn about the Metro Fire Department's Community Wildfire Protection Plan, which includes the Residential Wildfire Risk Assessment.
  • Fuel Break Maintenance Permits now available for those who live next to Regional Parks
    • Annual Encroachment Permits are now available to those residents who wish to maintain a fuel break behind their backyard fence on Regional Parks property. These annual permits are free of charge and will allow residents to string-trim grass and weeds for up to 50 feet beyond their private property line.
    • The permit is only for cutting non-woody vegetation, such as a grasses and weeds, and does not allow cutting or removing woody plants, such as trees, shrubs or vines. Acceptable methods include string trimming or hand-tool removal. Lawn mowers, which could spark a fire, or herbicides are not permitted.
    • To see specific permit conditions, read the pdf document.
    • You may request a permit by providing your name, address and contact information to Regional Parks at

Parks Visitor Responsibilities

Visitors to Sacramento County Regional Parks should be aware of the following regulations:

  • Smoking is only allowed in developed picnic areas, asphalt surfaces, golf courses and levee tops in the American River Parkway.
  • Open flame fires are not allowed and barbequing is only permitted in designated picnic areas.

Fire Fuel Reduction Action Plan

Listed below is a schedule of Fire Fuel Reduction Plans for 2018.

Increase outreach to residents about encroachment permit opportunity for reducing flashy fuels in County open space adjacent to private property.
May 30
American River Parkway
Cal Expo and Woodlake areas – Maintenance road firebreaks treated with herbicide and mowed.
First mow and spray by March 15.  Maintained with mowing as needed
Cal Expo, Woodlake and Northgate areas – grazing (as funding allows).
June 30
Cal Expo/Bushy Lake – planting fire resistant understory and research with CSUS.
Cal Expo and Woodlake areas—range management burns in partnership with Sacramento City Fire.
June 30, with possible fall burn as well
Campus Commons – grazing (as funding allows).
June 30
Fair Oaks Bluff – grazing (as funding allows).
June 30
Lower Sunrise - Firebreaks disced.
June 15
Olive Access – grazing (as funding allows).
June 30
Riverbend Park (east fields) – Firebreaks mowed and treated with herbicide.
March 15 (herbicide), or June 30 if mowed only.
Rossmoor Bar - Firebreaks disked.
May 30
Rossmoor Bar – range management burn in partnership with Sacramento Metro Fire.
September 28
Sailor Bar bluff – maintenance road firebreak and Curragh Downs access mowed.
June 30
Sailor Bar – grazing (as funding allows).
June 30
General Wildland Urban Interface—removal of ladder fuels with hand crews.
June 30
Install signage along all maintenance roadways in Sacramento Metro Fire District portion of the ARP, including Sailor Bar, Sunrise Area, Sacramento Bar, Rossmoor Bar, Ancil Hoffman, River Bend, and Pond Parks.  These roads should be signed as fire roads, with our new sign standard, as installed in 2014 in Cal Expo and Woodlake areas.
December 31
​​Dry Creek Parkway
Dry Creek Parkway Trail:  Mow and treat with herbicide firebreaks along and around the open fields to north and south of Q streets.
May 30
Cherry Lane/Curved Bridge/Elkhorn roadway firebreak – mow and treat with herbicide.
June 15
Northern Bike Trail (south of Elkhorn Blvd) - Mow and treat with herbicide firebreaks along Sacramento.
May 15
Paige Property and adjacent orchard area – grazing.
June 30
Q Street open space (north and south)—range management burn in partnership with Sacramento Metro Fire.
June 30
​​Indian Stone Corral
Mowing of fence line firebreak surrounding property.
May 30
Grazing (as funding allows).
June 30
Firebreak along Mather Bike Trail mowed.
June 30
Mowing of firebreaks behind homes and roadways in the Independent Housing area.
June 30
Zinfandel and Woodring roadside mowed/sprayed.
June 30
Mather Rotary Park perimeter and roadside mowed/sprayed
June 30
Illa Collin Conservation Preserve -- grazing.
In progress
Illa Collin Conservation Preserve – range management burn in partnership with Sacramento Metro Fire.
November 1 and 2
​​​Rollingwood Open Space
Rollingwood West – removal of ladder fuels with hand crews.
June 30
Rollingwood East/West – grazing (as funding allows).
June 30