• ​Off-Paved Trail Cycling Pilot Program and Final Environmental Monitoring Plan – June 22, 2017

    The Department will be requesting the Recreation and Park Commission to take action of the Off-Paved Trail Cycling Pilot Program.  This item is posted to the County public meeting agenda website. Look for Regional Parks – Recreation and Park Commission meeting on June 22, 2017, then click Agenda item.  The early notification letter can be found here​​.  Visit the Off-Paved Trail Cycling Pilot Program website​ for more information about the program. 

  • ​Fuel Break Maintenance Permits Now Available for Those Who Live Next to Regional Parks

    Annual Encroachment Permits are now available to those residents who wish to maintain a fuel break behind their backyard fence on Regional Parks property.  These annual permits are free of charge and will allow residents to string-trim grass and weeds for up to 50 feet beyond their private property line.  

    The permit is only for cutting non-woody vegetation, such as grasses and weeds, and does not allow cutting or removing woody plants, such as trees, shrubs, or vines.  Acceptable methods include string trimming or hand tool removal.  Lawn mowers, which could spark a fire, or herbicides are not permitted.

    To see specific permit conditions, read the pdf document​.

    You may request a permit by providing your name, address, and contact information to Regional Parks at parksinfo@SacCounty.NET.  ​

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