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Go Outside and Play!

Welcome to Sacramento County Regional Parks.  Encompassing 15,000 acres of land, you will find a wide variety of amenities and opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of Sacramento County.
Take time to discover the American River Parkway, play a round of golf, wind surf the Delta, or just relax in one of the 32 major recreation areas. Regional Parks features world-renowned attractions. Come join us for an unforgettable adventure.

Important Information for You:

It's Easy to Park and Bike During May is Bike Month
Bike commuters, especially first time commuters are invited to use the Watt Avenue Parkway Access parking lot to park and bike to work.  Find out if bike commuting is for you.  Details are in the news release.

SacFit Parkway Half Marathon - Bike Trail Closure, Saturday - April 26
The American River Parkway Bike Trail will be closed 6.5 miles upstream and downstream from the William B. Pond Recreation area from 6:00 a.m. until noon.  More details about the closure and the race can be found in the notification letter

Restoration Project in Discovery Park
Vegetation clearing and the transplanting of Elderberry Shrubs are two elements of this improvement project.  Details are in the notice.   

American River Fishing Closure
The state Fish and Game Commission unanimously approved a fishing closure on the American River between Nimbus Dam downstream to the power lines crossing Ancil Hoffman Park.  The closure will be enforced until April 30.  Drought conditions have created low water levels which threatens spawning beds.  Additionally, the closure action was taken to protect existing fish populations from being over-fished.  For the latest on the state fisheries visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Department of Transportation Provides Report/Update on Materials Storage Yard at Sailor Bar
View a synopsis of the report and action items, the Storm Water Pollution and Prevention Plan and a timeline and outcomes of the materials yard investigation that occurred in 2000.

Planning for 2014 - Schedule Your Events with Regional Parks
We will be accepting 2014 event applications beginning September 3.  Some changes have occurred during the year so new forms are required.  Read the invitation letter, view the new forms and check the fee schedule on the Events page.  Planning a group outing or event outdoors?  Check out all the sites available in your Regional Parks.  It's easy.  Plus, you can make picnic reservations online

Know Your Rangers
The Ranger Stewardship Program designates an individual Ranger as the main point of contact for specific park areas.  This map shows each Ranger's area.  Each Ranger is available by email to address your issues and concerns.

Year Round Maintenance Keeps Your Golf Courses in Great Shape!
Soil aeration is one task that protects and promotes the greens.  The plugs are swept up and sand is spread over the holes helping the turf “breathe.”  Golf Superintendent Greg Bliek and his staff are always working to keep your golf game a quality experience.  Book your tee time here.