• ​Parkway Trail Closure July 3 & 4

    Rancho Cordova’s 4th of July Firework Celebration will take place at Hagan Park on Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th. The American River Parkway trail will be closed at Hagan Park starting at 8:30 p.m. on both days due to the close proximity of the fireworks. The event is hosted by the Cordova Community Council and will be held at Hagan Park, which is owned and operated by Cordova Recreation and Park District.

  • ​Have a Safe July 4th Weekend

    As Independence Day weekend approaches, Sacramento County’s Department of Regional Parks is reminding visitors to have fun and be safe during their celebrations. People of all ages should be aware of the rules and regulations at County parks. These rules promote safety and help preserve the parks.

    Chief Ranger Michael Doane said, “Water safety is extremely important right now. In just the past four days, we’ve had four near drownings and one fatality.”

    Kids under age 13 are required to wear a life preserver in and around all County waterways. However, even strong adult swimmers can run in to trouble in the river. Low water causes swift currents in some locations and exposes branches, trees and sharp rocks that can damage inflatable boats, canoes and kayaks. Swimmers and boaters of all ages should bring and wear a life jacket.

    Parks visitors should also know the following rules. Alcohol is prohibited on the American River Parkway for the holiday weekend. Fireworks are banned in all County parks. And parking fees will increase from July 3 through July 5. Learn more…


  • ​Reducing Fire Risk in County Parks

    As multi-year drought conditions continue, Sacramento County’s Regional Parks have experienced an increase in wildfires. The lack of rain has stressed the parks’ trees and other vegetation, increasing flammability and lengthening the fire season. Regional Parks is responding to this increased threat with a more aggressive approach to fire fuel reduction and to firebreaks. Learn more...

  • ​Public Comment Notice for American River Parkway Sign Manual  

    A public review draft of the updated American River Parkway Sign Manual is now available. This Early Notification Letter provides additional information on how to provide feedback on the manual.

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