• Enjoy a Safe Holiday Weekend at County Parks​

    Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the busy summer season at Sacramento County Regional Parks and rivers. To enjoy a safe and fun holiday, visitors of all ages should be aware of the rules and regulations at County parks. These rules promote safety and help preserve the parks. Read more....

  • Training Burns Begin on the Parkway on May 26

    The Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks is working with Sacramento City Fire, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, Cal Expo and PG&E to conduct training burns on Regional Parks property. As the drought continues in our region fire risk continues to escalate creating the potential for large fast moving fires in our parks. Hosting these training burns within our parkways provides an opportunity to coordinate response protocols between the Fire Departments and County Rangers and reduces the amount of fuel in the Parks which could, if left in place, increase a fire’s intensity and speed. 

    Training Burns are scheduled to begin May 26 near the American River Parkway in the Woodlake area and on May 27 near Cal Expo and will continue for approximately three weeks ending on or around June 15. The timing, locations and days will vary depending on the resources available to conduct the burns, air temperature and wind. In most cases, the burns will take place in the cool morning hours Monday-Friday.   The Department of Regional Parks does not anticipate any park or trail closures due to the training burns with the exception of closing the areas directly involved in the training activities.

  • ​Reducing Fire Risk in County Parks

    As multi-year drought conditions continue, Sacramento County’s Regional Parks have experienced an increase in wildfires. The lack of rain has stressed the parks’ trees and other vegetation, increasing flammability and lengthening the fire season. Regional Parks is responding to this increased threat with a more aggressive approach to fire fuel reduction and to firebreaks. Learn more...

  • ​Public Comment Notice for American River Parkway Sign Manual  

    A public review draft of the updated American River Parkway Sign Manual is now available. This Early Notification Letter provides additional information on how to provide feedback on the manual.

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