• ​Sacramento Bar River Restoration Project

    ​This summer, Sacramento Bar will be the site of our eighth salmon and steelhead river restoration projects on the American River. Construction equipment, such as bulldozers and loaders, will be in the river, as well as on the gravel bar.  

    The best vantage points to see the project will be across the river, between trail miles 18 and 19 in the Lower Sunrise and El Manto access areas.  The project will be excavating a new side channel through the bar and lowering the floodplain, sorting and washing these excavated gravels, and adding the clean gravels to the river. Once finished, it will be an ideal area for salmon and steelhead to build their redds (“nests”), as well as providing protected nursery areas for the new young fish to grow bigger.

    Construction will begin as early as August 1 and will be completed by September 30. Work will be scheduled Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This river restoration is being completed through a partnership of the Bureau of Reclamation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, and the Water Forum. ​

  • ​Rossmoor Drive Closure for Water Pipeline project​​

    ​​Update: Rossmoor Access is now open. (6/17/2016)

    Rossmoor Bar access will be closed beginning April 18, 2016 until the end of October, 2016. The Carmichael Water District is installing a water pipeline near the Rossmoor access road to Coloma and repaving the access road and parking lot. Read more information about the pipeline project​.

  • Rossmoor Bar oak woodland expansion​

    ​The oak woodland at Rossmoor Bar on the American River Parkway is being expanded. The project will increase the existing oak woodland (planted in 2009) nearly 14 acres.  The temporary deer fence will be removed when the trees and shrubs have grown tall enough to withstand deer browsing. The red area on the map​ (with the star) is the expansion area, and will be fenced to keep the deer from eating the new seedlings.  The black hatched area is the existing oak woodland area that was planted in 2009, and will remain unfenced​

  • ​​​Goats and Sheep are returning to the American River Parkway and Dry Creek Parkway

    Goats and sheep will once again be helping Regional Parks with fire hazard reduction and ignition prevention. The animals are currently grazing on the Dry Creek Parkway, near the Cherry Island Golf Course, north of Q Street. In Upper American River Parkway, you'll see goats and sheep in the Upper Sunrise Recreation, Sacramento Bar bluff, Fair Oaks Bluff, and Sailor Bar bluff areas around June 12. ​
    Full map of grazing locations ​​​​​​

  • Parkway Detour Near Northgate/Del Paso

    A salmon habitat enhancement project begins on April 26, 2016 in the Northgate/Del Paso area of the American River Parkway. This area contains a 17-acre seasonal wetland that, when flooded, provides good rearing habitat for juvenile salmon.  When complete, the project will make it easier for young fish to swim out of the wetland as flood waters draw down.  There will be a new, wider and taller “fish tunnel” under the multi-use trail, a new safety railing along the trail, and more plants for juvenile fish habitat within the wetland.  The multi-use trail will remain open, but will be routed along the alternate paved trail on the west side of the wetland.  The trail on the east side will be closed during construction.  Although the project begins on April 26, the detour for trail users will begin on May 2, 2016.

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