Mather Regional Park Vernal Pools


A million years of geology and evolution have produced the spectacular vernal pools at Sacramento's Mather Field. The vernal pools in Mather Regional Park are some of the rarest and most threatened ecosystems in the world because of the rare flowering plants and invertebrates that live in them.

Fast Facts:

  • Vernal pools are a seasonal occurrence in the Sacramento
    Valley and the hold a unique variety of plants and animals.
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  • The Mather Vernal Pools are a great location to teach your children about the Sacramento area environment.
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How to Get There:

The vernal pools are located near Mather Regional Park, located on Highway 50 east of Sacramento.

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  • Hiking and walking
  • Exploring nature

Hours and Fees:
There are no fees and the area is accessible from sunrise to sunset.

Picnics Allowed: Yes

Additional Information:

Learn more about the mystery of the vernal pools at Mather Field.​

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