All Other Parks Districts


The Sacramento area is known for its abundant and beautiful parks. For your convenience, here is a listing of popular city and special district parks that are outside the County system. 


Park NamePark Address

Park District

​Ahlstron​Zinfandel and Cordova LaneCordova
​Airport Park6395 Hogan DrCity of Sacramento
​Amos P Caitlin Park​825 Russi DrCity of Folsom
​Amundson Park​Heritage Hill DrElk Grove
​Ancil Hoffman Park​Tarshes DrSacramento County
​Antelope Community
​8012 Palmerson DrSunrise
​Antelope Park
Site E
​Elverta RoadSunrise
​Antelope Park
Site G
​7691 Eagle Point WaySunrise
​Antelope Station
​6306 Outlook DrSunrise
​Arcade Creek Nature
​South side of Arcade Creek near GarfieldArcade Creek
​Arcade Creek ParkOmni Drive near Hackberry Lane​Arcade Creek
Archoe School Park​​Highway 104 and Ivie RoadSacramento County
​Archoe Triangle ParkHighway 104 and Ivie Road​ Sacramento County
​Argonaut Park​1402 Dickerson StreetCity of Sacramento
​Ashton Park
​Ashton Drive north of American River Dr
Mission Oaks
​Autumn Meadow Park​Northborough Drive and Dunlay DrCity of Sacramento
​Babcock Park​2400 Cormorant WayFulton-El Camino
​Babcock School Park​2400 Cormorant Way Fulton-El Camino
​Babe Best Park​7525 10th StreetRio Linda - Elverta
​Baer Park​7851 35th AveCity of Sacramento
​Bahnfleth Park​950 Seamas Ave​​City of Sacramento
​Barker Park​Elk Grove BlvdElk Grove
​Bannister Park​Bannister RoadFair Oaks
​Bannon Creek Parkway​2780 Azevedo Dr​​City of Sacramento
Bannon Preserve​2475 Natomas Park Dr City of Sacramento
​Barandas Park Site​2805 Grassland DrCity of Sacramento
​Barrett School Park Site​Abuts Barrett SchoolCarmichael
​Bartholomew Park​Lake Point Dr ​Elk Grove
​Batey Park ​Seasons DrElk Grove
​Beacon Hill Park​505 Rockport CircleCity of Folsom
​Beeman Park/Senior​Sharkey Ave Elk Grove
​Bellview Park​Howe Ave near El Camino AveFulton-El Camino
​Berens Park​Mosher RoadElk Grove
Betschart Park​​Adobe Spring WayElk Grove
​Bill Bean Jr. Memorial 
​17th Avenue near 73rd street City of Sacramento
​Bird Track Park​Pheasant Road off San Juan Ave
​Blue Oak Park​2550 Screnata WayCity of Sacramento
​Blue Oak Park​4221 Big Cloud WaySunrise
​Bohemian Park​Yellowstone and Wright StreetFulton-El Camino
Bowling Green Park​​Wesley and 49th AveSouthgate
​Bradford Park​Springview DrElk Grove
​Brannon Island Park​Highway 160 and Brannon Island RoadState of California
​Briggs Ranch Park​125 ManseauCity of Folsom
​Brock Park Sport
​Antelope Road between Watt Avenue and WalergaNorth Highlands
​Brockway Park​2025 Brockway CourtCity of Sacramento
​Brooktree Park​6800 Dunmore AvenueSunrise
​BT Collins Parks​828 Willow CreekCity of Folsom
Bud & Artle Davies Park​290 American River Canyon​City of Folsom
​Burberry Park​Burberry Drive and MarbyCity of Sacramento
​Burnett School Park​6032 36th AvenueCity of Sacramento
​Carillo Park​1825 67th StreetCity of Sacramento
​Calvine Park​New Point and New Ridge DriveSouthgate
​Cambridge Place Mini-Park​197 Wellfleet WayCity of Folsom
​Camden Park​Cooperston DriveElk Grove
​Camden ParkwayCamden Drive​Elk Grove
​Camellia Park6650 Cougar Drive​ City of Sacramento
Canyon Creek Park​​Kenneth Avenue at Los Feliz WayCarmichael
​Cardinal Oaks Park​Cardinal Court at Kenneth AveSouthgate
​Carmichael Park​7001 Fair Oaks BlvdCarmichael
​Case Park​Old Creek DriveElk Grove
​Castello Park ​El Toreador WayElk Grove
​Caterino Park​Windy Cove Drive Elk Grove
​Caymus Park​Caymus and Vintage
Park Drive
​C-Bar C-Park​8275 Oak AvenueSunrise
​Central Park Horse
​848 Elkhorn BoulevardRio Linda-Elverta
​Chabolla Park​630 Chabola AvenueCity of Galt
Chardonny Park​​Corner of Cherbough and La TourNorth Highlands
​Charter Point Park​610 Cutting WayCity of Sacramento
​Chavez Plaza​910 I Street
Cherry Creek Manor
6011 Brooktree Drive​Sunrise
​Chicory Bend​797 Seamas AveCity of Sacramento
Chorley Park​​7063 20th StreetCity of Sacramento
​Chuckwagon Park​3420 Bridgeford DriveCity of Sacramento
​Churchill Downs Park
Waterman Road and Vintage Park Drive​
​City Hall Park​Second and Delta StreetsCity of Isleton
​Cliffhouse Fishing AccessHighway 160​Sacramento County
​Cobble HillsMini-Park
124 1/2 Rockbolt Circle​
City of Folsom
​Coloma Park​4623 T Street

City of Sacramento

​Colonial Park​3515 19th AvenueCity of Sacramento
​Colton Park​Laguna Springs WayElk Grove
​Community Park II​Mapola Way at Benita DriveCordova
​Cool Wind Way Park​524 Cool
Wind Way
City of Sacramento
​Cooledge Community
​5699 South Land Park DriveCity of Sacramento
Cordova Golf Course​​Jackson HighwayCordova
​Cordova Senior Center​3480 Routier RoadCordova
​Cosumnes Elementary
School Park
​Jackson Highway and Dillard RoadSacramento County
​Cosumnes River College Park​8401 Center ParkwayCity of Sacramento
​Cosumnes River Preserve​Franklin BoulevardSacramento County

Cottage Community Park
​3097 Cottage WayFulton- El Camino
​Cottonwood Park​Wolfboro Court and Willowgrove WaySouthgate
​Cottonwood Park Site
​1712 North Bend Drive
City of Sacramento
Countryside Community
Meadowhaven Drive and Power Inn Road​
​Countryside Park​Glenmoor Drive at Rockingham DriveCity of Sacramento
​Courtland Area Park​Sequoia Avenue and Washington AvenueSacramento County
​Cowan School Park
South of Whitney Avenue, east of Becerra​
Mission Oaks
Crabtree Park​Bristol Road and Ardenridge Drive 
Arden Manor
​Creekside Nature Avenue​2641 Kent AvenueFulton-El Camino
Crescent Park​​See Park PlazaCity of Sacramento
​Cresta Park​3561 Folsom BoulevardCity of Sacramento
Crocker Park​211 O StreetCity of Sacramento
​Crosswoods Park​6742 Auburn AvenueSunrise
​Crowfoot Park​7259 Circle Parkway


​Cummings Family Park​1775 Creekside Drive City of Folsom
Curtis Park​​3349 W Curtis DriveCity of Sacramento
​Davis Park​Laguna Star DriveElk Grove
​Daylor Sports Field​Orange Ave and Florin Mall Drive Southgate
​Del Campo Park​Heathcliff Drive and Crestview DriveCarmichael
​Del Meyer Park​Elk Grove-Florin RaodElk Grove
Del Paso Manor School​
​Avalon Drive, north of El Camino AvenueMission Oaks
​Del Paso Park​3565 Auburn BoulevardCity of Sacramento
​Depot Park​6730 Front StreetRio Linda-Elverta
​Detering Park​1415 Rushden DriveArden Manor
​Dillard Elementary
Schoool Park
Dillard and Colony Roads​Sacramento County
Discovery Park​Beside I-5 in downtownSacramento County
Dixieanne Park​​215 Evergreen StreetCity of Sacramento
Dixieanne Tot Lot​
Dixieanne Avenue and Beaumont Street​
City of Sacramento
​Doolittle Park​See Verno Creek Park Site City of Sacramento
​Dry Creek Parkway​Nothern Sacramento CountySacramento County
​Dunnmore Park Preserve Area​Excelsior RoadSouthgate
​Dutra Park​6925 Steamboat WayCity of Sacramento
​East Larn Children's
​1510 42nd StreetCity of Sacramento
​East Portal Pak1120 Rodeo Way​City of Sacramento
​Eastern Oak Park
Eastern Avenue, between
Silervcrest and Robertson Drive​
Mission Oaks
Ed Mitchell Park​​308 Willow Creek SouthCity of Folsom
​Effie Yeaw Nature Center2850 San Lorenzo Way​Sacramento County
​Egloff Family Park​114 Hollyann DriveCity of Folsom
​Egret Park
​Westlake Community North
of Del Paso Boulevard
City of Sacramento
Elderberry Park​Maybrook and Macon Way​City of Sacramento
​Elk Grove Regional Park​Elk Grove-Florin Road Elk Grove
​Elkhorn Boating Facility​North Bayou WaySacramento County
​Emerald Vista Park​Winn and Emerald Vista DrivesCity of Galt
​Ernie Sheldon Sports
​362 Matoma StreetCity of Folsom
​Eugene Ahner Park​5517 Manzanita Avenue Sunrise
​Fair Oaks Park​Fair Oaks Boulevard and Madison AvenueFair Oaks
Federspiel Park​​Chassella ad Aramon DriveCordova
​Feckert Park​Emerald Vista DriveElk Grove
​Fite Park​Careyback DriveElk Grove
​Fite Park Extension​Thira WayElk Grove
​Fleming ParkSalmon Creek DriveElk Grove
​Florin Community
Historical Center
​7245 Fletcher Farms RoadSouthgate
​Florin Creek Bike Trail​Florin Creek at Palmer House DriveSouthgate
Florin Creek Park​7460 Persimmon Avenue​Southgate
​Florin Reservor Park​6920 Power Inn RoadCity of Sacramento
​Folsom City Zoo/Park​401 Stafford WayCity of Folsom
​Folsom Kids Play​201 Prewalt Drive City of Folsom
​Folsom Lake State
Recreaton Area
​Folsom Boulevard, Hazel Avenue
or Douglas Boulevard
State of California
​Foothill Community Park5510 Diablo Drive​Sunrise
​Foothill Golf Center​7000 Verner AvenueSunrise
​Foulks Park​Trenholm Drive Elk Grove
​Fountain Plaza Park​El Parasio and Hobnail LaneSouthgate
Fourth Avenue Park​​4040 4th AvenueCity of Sacramento
​Franklin Villa Park​10 Caselli CircleCity of Sacramento
​Freedom Park​McClellan park Complex North Highlands
​Freeport Park1980 Monarch Avenue​City of Sacramento
​Fremont Park​1515 Q StreetCity of Sacramento
Fruitridge Park​​4000 Fruitridge RoadSouthgate
​Galt Community Park​Walnut Avenue and Carillion AveCity of Galt
​Galt Sports Complex​1022 Caroline AvenueCity of Galt
​Garcia Bend Park​7654 Pocket RoadCity of Sacramento
Garden Club Mini-Park​​1105 Natoma StreetCity of Folsom
​Garden Highway Bikeway​1305 Garden HighwayCity of Sacramento
​Gardenland Park​3010 Bowman AvenueCity of Sacramento
​Gates Park ​Mainline DriveElk Grove
​Gateway Park​Norwood Avenue at UEDA ParkwayCity of Sacramento
​Gibbons Park​Gibbons Drive east of Edison Ave Mission Oaks
Gibson Ranch Regional Park​Elverta RoadSacramento County
​Glancy Oaks Park​Sunny LaneCarmichael
​Glenbrook park​8500 La Riviera DriveCity of Sacramento
​Gold River Park
Coloma Road and Gold Country Boulevard​
Gold Station Park​GoldStation DriveCordova
​Gora Aquatic Center​630 Chabola AvenueCity of Galt
​Graniet Mini-Park​1005 Mormon StreetCity of Folsom
​Granite Regional Park​Ramona AvenueCity of Sacramento
​Grant Park​205 21st StreetCity of Sacramento
Greenback Woods Park​​6855 Flaming Arrow DriveSunrise
​Greenfair Park​2950 57th AvenueCity of Sacramento
​Greenwood Tot Lot​Lyonia DriveCity of Galt
​Greer Middle School Basin Park​A Street and Fumasi DriveCity of Galt
​Greer School Park
North of Hurley Way east of Bell Street
Mission Oaks
​Gutteridge Park​Laguna Brook Way​Cordova
Hagan Community
​Chase DriveCordova
Hagginwood Park​3271 Marysville Boulevard City of Sacamento
​Hall Park​5414 Sandburg DriveCity of Sacramento
​Hamilton Street Park​Myrtle Street and Hamilton
Arcade Creek
Hampton Park​
Orange Avenue and  Florin
Mall Drive
​Hannaford Family
​119 Lakeside WayCity of Folsom
​Hansen Park​350 Kenton WayCity of Sacramento
​Hardester ParkHardester Drive and ​Ardith DriveSouthgate
​Harvey Park​2nd Street and C StreetCity of Galt
​Hawkins Park​Bastona DriveElk Grove
​Hazel McFarland Park​1780 E Natoma StreetCity of Folsom
​Hazelwood Park North of Hazelwood Drive
east of Bell Street​
Mission Oaks
​Henderson Park​W Taron DriveElk Grove
​Henley Park​Henley DriveCordova
​Henschel Park ​160 45th StreetCity of Sacramento
Herburger Park​Peninsula WayElk Grove
​Heron Park​2301 Minden WayCity of Sacramento
​Hill Park​Porta Rose WayElk Grove
​Hinkle Creek Nature
​7100 Baldwin Dam RoadCity of Folsom
​Hite Park​5375 Valley High DriveCity of Sacramento
​Hogback Island Fishing
​Grand island DriveSacramento County
​Holyoke Nature Are​Holyoke Way at Myrtle AveArcade Creek
​Hood area Park​Proposed Neighborhood ParkSacramento County
​Hopkins Park
​2305 Matson Drive
City of Sacramento
​Houde Park​Club Park DriveElk Grove
​Howe Avenue River
​La Riviera DriveSaccounty County
​Howe Community Park​2201 Cottage WayFulton-El Camino
​Hrepich Park​Black Kite Way Elk Grove
​Illa Collin Park​Fintown Court and Vintage
Park Drive
​Independence Park​Britton WayCordova
​Isleton Community Park​Jackson Slough RoadCity of Isleton
​Jacinto Creek Wark​W Stockton  Boulevard and
Laguna Vista Drive
City of Sacramento
​Jacinto Creek Parkway​8695 Bruceville RoadCity of Sacramento
Jack W. Davis Park​​16th Avenue and 44th StreetSouthgate
​Jan Drive Park Site​Jan DriveCarmichael
​Jean Harvey
Community Center
​River Road and Depot LaneSacramento County
Jefferson Park​​1990 Roma CourtCity of Sacramento
​Jenson Botanical Garden​8520 Fair Oaks Boulevard Carmichael
​Jim David park​Sunset Avenue and Hazel AveFair Oaks
​John Kemp Park​1322 Bundrick Drive ​City of Folsom
​Johnson Park​Lakepoint DriveElk Grove
​Johnson Park​516 11th StreetCity of Sacramento
Johnston Park​​Bellaterra DriveElk Grove
​Jonas Larkspur Park​Jonas Ave and Larkspur LaneCity of Sacramento
Jones Park​​Shasta Lily DriveElk Grove
​Jose P. Rizal Comm. Center
​7320 Florin Mall DriveSouthgate
​Jungkeit park​Fire Poppy DriveElk Grove
​Karl Rosario Park​Corner of Karl Drive and
Rosario Drive
North highlands
Keller Mini-Park​179 Keller Circle  City of Folsom
​Kemble Park​3065 Loma Verde WayCity of Sacamento
​Kennedy Park​7037 Briggs DriveSouthgate
​Kenwood/Marconi Park Site​1910 Kenwood St.City of Sacramento
​Kilsby Mini-Park​111 Kilsby WayCity of Scramento
​King park​Babson DriveElk Grove
​Kloss Park​Laguna Park DriveElk Grove
Kokomo Park Site​​Kokomo Dr.Elk Grove
​Kramer Park​Orchard View DriveElk Grove
​La Sierra Community
​5325 Engle RoadCarmichael
​La Sierra Park​1000 La Sierra DriveArden Park
​Laguna Community ParkBruceville Road​Elk Grove
​Laguna Creek Greenbelt​Laguna Park DriveElk Grove
​Lake Canyon Park​Lake Canyon DriveCity of Galt
​Lake NatomaFolsom Blvd, Hazel
Ave, or Douglas Blvd​
State of California
​Land Park (William)​4000 Land Park DriveCity of Sacramento
​Larchmont Community
Linda Rio Drive​Cordova
Larchmont Park​​At Thomas Drive and Varnum WayNorth Highlands
Larchmont/Rossmoor Park​Ambassador Drive​ Cordova
​Lawrence Park​Babson driveElk Grove
Lawrence Park5130 McGlashan St.City of Sacramento
Lawson Park​​Renwick AvenueElk Grove
​Lembi Park ​1302 Riley WayCity of Folsom
Levy Park​​701 levy RoadCity of Folsom
​Lew Howard Park​6570 Park Riviera WayCity of Sacramento
Lichtenberger North Park​Laguna Park Drive​Elk Grove
​Lichtenberger South
​Kilconnell DriveElk Grove
​Lincoln Village Park​Routier RdCordova
​Lion's Oak Park​Oak AvenueCity of Galt
​Lippincott Park​Renwick AvenueElk Grove
​Livermore Park​6004 Riley StreetCity of Folsom
​Lombardi Park​Garrity Drive ​Elk Grove
​Lone Oak Park​3425 Elverta RoadSunrise
Lower Sunrise Rec. Area​Sunrise Blvd.Sacramento County
McDonald Park​​Spring Azure WayElk Grove
​Maddox Park
​Thor Way north of Arden Way
Mission Oaks
​Madera Park​8046 Wonder St.Sunrise
​Mama Marks Park​1140 Roanoke WayCity of Sacramento
​Mangan Park​2140 34th St.City of Sacramento
​Mannlove Park​Caldera WayCordova
​Mann Family Park​1051 Black Diamond Dr.City of Folsom
​Maple Lane Park​Rappahannock Way at Charleston Dr.​Carmichael
Maple Park​​3200 37th AveCity of sacramento
​Marriott Park​1235 Grand River Dr.City of Sacramento
​Marshall Park​915 27th St.City of Sacramento
​Martin Luther King Jr. Park​2705 Gardendale Rd.City of Sacramento
Mather Regional Park​​Eagles Nest Rd.​Sacramento County
​Mather Sports Complex​Shriever WayCordova
​McClatchy Park​3500 5th Ave.City of Sacramento
​McConnel Park​Hampton Oak Drive​Elk Grove
​McDonald Field​8001 Old Auburn Road​Sunrise
​McKinley Park​3330 McKinley BlvdCity of Sacramento
​Meadowview Park (Galt)​Meadowview Drive and Kost Road​City of Galt
​Meadowview Park (Sac)​7760 24th St.City of Sacramento
​Memorial Park​Blackfield Dr west of Holmes
Elem School
​North Highland
​Mendoza Park​Polhemus Drive​Elk Grove
​Mesa Grande Park​4325 Vakkey Hi DriveCity of Sacramento
​Miller Park
​Sunset Ave and Kenneth Ave
​Fair Oaks
​Miller Park​2710 Ramp WayCity of Sacramento
​Mission North Park​East of Mission Ave south of Whitney Ave​Mission Oaks
​Miwok Park​Village Tree DriveElk Grove​
​Mix Park ​Goldy Glen Way​Elk Grove
Montview Park​​Winding Way and Minnesota Ave​Fair Oaks
​Morse Park​Bellaterra Drive​Elk Grove
​Muir Park​2710 Ramp Way​Elk Grove
​N Point Way River Access​6230 North Point WayCity of Sacramento
​Natoma Station Mini -
Park A
​Whistle Stop Way and Turnpike
Natoma Station Mini -
Park B​
​Blossom circle and John Henry CircleCity of Folsom
​Natomas West Park Site​2230 River Plaza DriveCity of Sacramento
​Neighborhood Park​Highway 160 at 2nd and D Street​City of Isleton
Neighborhood Park​Main Street F and H Street​City of Isleton​
​Nicholas Park​47th St and 50th Ave​Southgate
​Nielson park​7600 Center  ParkwayCity of Sacramento
​Ninos Parkway​920 W El Camino AveCity of Sacramento
​Nisenan Community ParkGolf Links Drive​City of Folsom
​Norman Waters Park​Elsie and Sunrise Greens DriveCity of Folsom
​North Laguna Creek Park​6400 Jacinto AveCity of Sacramento
​Northwoods Park​8236 Old Ranch Road​Sunrise
​Nottoli Park​East Taron Drive​Elk Grove
​Nuevo Park​Hayes Ave and Silver Eagle Rd ​City of Sacramento
​Oak Meadow Park
​Between Clunie and Moffa south of American River Drive
​Mission Oaks
​Oak Park​3425 MLK Jr. BlvdCity of Sacramento
Oakbrook Park​​1805 San Juan RoadCity of Sacramento
​Oakdale Park​Myrtle Ave and Polk St​Arcade Creek
​O'Donnell Park​Barrett Rd​Carmichael
​Oki Park​2715 Wisseman DrCity of Sacramento
​Olde Florintown Park​Florin and McComber Road​Southgate
​O'neil Park​715 BroadwayCity of Sacramento
​Oneto Park​Hidden Holow Court​Elk Grove
​Orangevale Comm.
​6826 Hazel Avenue​Orangevale
​Orangevale Comm.
​7301 Filbert Avenue​Orangevale
​Orchard Park​West River DriveCity of Sacramento
​Orville Wright Park
​St. Marks way south of
El Camino east of Watt Ave
​Mission Oaks
Pacific High Sch Sports
3701 Stephen Dr south of
Bolivar by Don Julio​
​Mission Oaks
​Pacific Park6201 41st Street​​Southgate
​Palm Ave Park
Palm Ave and Pacific Palm Ct​
​Pannell Meadowview Park​2450 Meadowview RdCity of Sacramento
​Paradise BeachCarlson Dr. and Sandburg Dr​​Sacramento County
​Park 5A​Terricina Dr and Truxel RdSacramento County
​Park Oaks Park​5820 Park Oaks Drive ​Sunrise
Park Plaza​​1640 W Elcamino AveCity of Sacramento
​Parkway Oaks Park​7541 South Land Park Dr.City of Sacramento
​Partner Off Leash Dog Park​5699 South Land Park DrCity of Sacramento
​Paulson Field​6555 West  2nd St Rio Linda-Elverta
​Pecan Park ​Pecan Ave ​Orangevale
​Pederson Park​Laguna Oaks DriveElk Grove
​Perry Park​Brown Road ​Elk Grove
​Phillip C Cohn Park​100 Prewett DriveCity of Folsom
​Phoenix Park​Hazel Ave and KruithofCity of Folsom
​Pioneer Park​5100 Verner AveSunrise
Planehaven Park​​On Wings Way RockwellNorth Highlands
​Plaza Cervante​2115 11th AveCity of Sacramento
​Plaza Park​Fair Oaks Blvd and California AveCity of Folsom
​Pocket Canal Parkway​7360 Gloria DrCity of Folsom
​Pokelma park​8126 Quiet Knolls DrSunrise
​Polloch Ranch Park
3800 Robinridge Way​
City of Sacramento
​Portuguese Community Park​7 Meadowmont CtCity of Sacramento
​Prairie City OHV Area​White Rock RoadState of California
​Preserve Mini-Park​1200 Sutter StreetCity of Folsom
​Preqitt Mini-Park​Kilsby WayCity of Folsom
​Primrose Park​Rose Parade wayCordova
​Prospect Hill Park​Gold Flat DriveCordova
Quail Park​​Del paso Rd at El Cetro RdCity of Sacramento
​Rainbow Park
Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
and 41st Ave​
​Rancho Seco Park​Off Highway 104SMUD
Raul Park​​Elk Grove-Florin Road Elk Grove
​Redbud Park​5201 Brookmore WayCity of Sacramento
​Redtail Hawk Park​Southern N Natomas CommunityCity of Sacramento
​Redwood Park​2415 Western Ave City of Sacramento
​Reflections Mini-Park​111 Oxborough DriveCity of Folsom
​Regency Park​Honor Parkway at Danbroook DrCity of Folsom
Reichmuth Park​​6135 Gloria Dr ​City of Sacramento
​Reith Park​5755 Rightwood WayCity of Sacramento
Renfree Park
54 Cache River Cr​City of Sacramento
​Richardson Village Park​2995 Altos AveCity of Sacramento
​Ridgepoint Park
4680 Monument Dr next to Ridgepoint Elem​
North Highlands
​Rio Linda Comm. Ctr & Park810 Oak LaneRio Linda-Elverta
​River Otter Park
​Barabdas Dr and Sweet Pea WayCity of Sacramento
​River Park​377 Moddison AveCity of Sacramento
River View Park​​Foratera CircleCity of Sacramento
​Riviera East Park​Mira Del Rio DriveCordova
​Robert Frost Park​4715 Robert Frost DrSunrise
​Robertson Ave Park (Carm)
​Robertson Ave and Walnut Ave
​Robla Community Park​700 Bell AveCity of Sacramento
​Rodeo Park​200 Stafford StreetCity of Sacramento
​Roolingwood ParkWinding Oaks Ave and Main Ave​City of Folsom
​Roosevelt Park1615 9th St.​City of Flsom
​Rose Park​Frye Creek DriveElk Grove
​Rosemont Community Park
​Americana at Huntsman DriveCordova
Rosemont North Park​
Huntsman Drive north of
Rosemont Dr​
Rossmoor BarRiver
​El Manto Dr or Rossmoor DrSacramento County
​Rosswood Park​Henley Way east of VosbergCordova
​Roy E. Hayer Park​905 G StreetRio Linda-Elverta
​Royal Park​C Pkwy and B PkwySouthgate
​Rusch Park​7801 Auburn BlvdSunrise
​Rushmore-jeanine Park​6116 Rushmore DrSunrise
​Russell Park​Grove Street Elk Grove
​Ruth Inman Park
Corner of Airbase Drive and
Watt Ave
North Highlands
​Rutter Park​7350 Palmer House DriveSouthgate
S.A.R.A. Access​Rogue River DrSacrameno County
​Sac River Pkwy Land Park​2710 Ramp WayCity of Sacramento
​Sac River Pkwy Pocket​1656 Pocket RdCity of Sacramento
​Sacramento Bar River Park
​Pennsylvania AveSacramento County
​Sacramento Northern
​450 Elcamino AveSacramento County
Sacramento River
Pkway Central
​100 J StCity of Sacramento
​Sailor Bar River Access​Illinois AveSacramento County
​Saint Rose of Lima Park​705 K StCity of Sacramento
​Sally Hudson Park site
Orchard Ln
City of Sacramento
​Salmon Falls ParkSalmon Falls Drive near
Water Tree Way​
​San Juan Park​5509 Mariposa AveSunrise
Sand Cove Park​​2005 Garden HighwayCity of Sacramento
​Sara Court River AccessSarah Court​Sacramento County
​Schweitzer Grove park​Sumter Dr and Hussey DrCarmichael
​Seely Park​3000 Poe AvenueFulton-El Camino
Seventeenth Ave Park​7400 17th AveCity of Sacramento
​Seymour Park​845 Florin RdCity of Sacramento
​Shadowcreek Park​6250 Woodcreek CircleSunrise
​Sheldon Park ​6000 Orange AveSouthgate
​Shelfield Park​West of Suffolk Ave Southgate
​Sherman Isl. Fishing Access​Sherman Island RdSacramento County
​Shore Park ​800 Pocket RdCity of Sacramento
​Shorebird Park Site​Kittiwake DrCity of Sacramento
​Sierra Vista Park​5104 T St. City of Sacramento
Sim Park​​6207 Logan StCity of Sacramento
Simpson Park​​Crisswell DriveElk Grove
​Sky Park​6th and Sky Pkwy. Southgate
Smedburg Park​Emerald Park Drive​ Elk Grove
SMUD Park​Lincoln Drive and A Street​City of Galt
​Snipes-Pershing Park​5624 Snipes BoulevardOrangevale
​South Natomas Comm.
​2901 Truxel Rd.City of Sacramento
​Southside Park​2115 6th StCity of sacramento
​Southwoods Park​Valley Wood St.Southgate
​SP Park​4th Street and C Street City of Galt
​Stanford Park​205 27th St.City of Sacramento
​Steepleshase Mini-Park​179 Arbuckle AvenueCity of Folsom
​Stonelake Wildlife Preserve​Off I-5Sacramento County
​Strauch Park​3075 Northstead DrCity of Sacramento
​Strizek Park and Clubhouse
3829 Stephen Dr 2 blocks
of Highlands Spts Cmplx
North Highlands​
​Strong Park
​Bay Point Way

Elk Grove

​Sun River ParkKlamath River DriveOrangevale
​Sundance Park​Fair Oaks BoulevardCity of Sacramento
Sundance Park ​​4742 Windsong DeSouthgate
​Sunrise Florin Park​Fletcher Farms DrSouthgate
Sunrise Oaks Park​​7226 Sunrise BlvdSunrise
​Sunset Park​4208 T StCity of Sacramento
​Susan B. Anthony ​7880 Detroit Blvd City of Sacramento
​Sutter Park Site​Sutter and HollisterCarmichael
​Sutter's Fort​2701 L Street State of California
​Sutter's Landing Regional Park​20 28th StCity of Sacramento
​Swanston park
South of Northrop Ave
west of Carro Way​
Mission Oaks
​Sycamore Park​5400 Banfield DrCity of Sacramento
​Tahoe Park​3501 59th AveCity of Sacramento
​Tahoe Tallac Park​7400 San Joaquine StCity of Sacramento
​Tanzanite Community Park​Innovator DrCity of Sacramento
​Taylor Park​Las Casa and La Loma AveCordova
​Temple Ave Park2127 Heartland Dr​Sunrise
Tempo Park​​13125 Fair Oaks Blvd Sunrise
Tetotem Park​2127 Heartland Dr​Sunrise
​The Shores Mini-Park​100 Hazelmere DriveCity of Folsom
​Thorndike Mini-park​157 Thorndike WayCity of Sacramento
Tillotson Parkway​​Elk Grove-Florin RoadSouthgate
Tischornia Beash
Off I-5 at Discovery Park​Sacramento County
​Toby Johnson Park​Boron and Cutler WaySouthgate
​Tony Court Park​15 Tony CtCity of Sacramento
​Town Square Park​Renwich AvenueSouthgate
Triangle Park​​Bowles and Oakmont StCity of Sacramento
​Truth Park​7360 Gloria DrCity of Sacramento
​Tupelo Park​7350 Roseville Road Sunrise
​Twenty-First AvePkwy​6720 21st AveCity of Sacramento
​Twin Creeks Park​7201 Starflower DriveSunrise
​Two Rivers Park​W River Dr and Two Rivers DrCity of Sacramento
​Underwook Park​Bond RoadElk Grove
University Park​​1900 University AveCity of Sacramento
​Upper Sunrise Rec. Area
​Sunrise BlvdSacramento County
​Valley Hi Comm. Park​8185 Center ParkwaySacramento County
​Valley Oak Park
Eastern Ave south of Arden
Way east of Watt Ave​
Mission Oaks
​Van Doren Park​Neponset DriveElk Grove
​Verano Creek Park​310 Doolittle St ​City of Sacramento
​Veteran's Park​Excelsior Rd at Castleton CirCordova
​Veteran's Soccer Field​900 Carolina AveCity of Galt
Village Park​​7997 California AveFair Oaks
​Vineyard Park​Grand Cru DriveSouthgate
Vintage Park​Helmdale Way and Vintage
Park Dr
​Wackman park​Laguna Quail DriveElk Grove
​Walerga Park​4901 Palm AveSunrise
Walnut Grove School Park​​Whyse Ln and Grove StSacramento County
​Warren Park​7420 Vandenberg DrCity of Sacramento
​Washington Park​1631 F StCity of Sacramento
​Waterton River AccessWaterton WaySacramento County
​Watt Avenue River Access ​La Riviera DrSacramento County
​Wellfleet Park​219 WellfleetCircleCity of Folsom
​Westlake Park​Westlake Parkway at
Bradgate Dr
City of Sacramento
​Westside Park​6555 West 2nd StRio Linda-Elverta
​Westwood Park​8100 Butternut DriveSunrise
​White Rock Comm. Park
Mills Park Drive and
White Rock Rd​
​Wildhawk Golf Club​7713 Vineyard RdSouthgate
​William B Pond River Access
Arden Way or
Harrington Way​
Sacramento County
​Willow Park
Northborough Dr and Rose Arbor​
City of Sacramento
Willowwood Park​​Iona and Summerset WaySacramento County
​mere Park
Windmere Ln north of Arden Way west of Eastern Ave​
Mission Oaks
​Windsor Park​131 Pembury WayCity of Folsom
Winn Park​​2715 P StCity of Sacramento
​Winterstein Comm. Park​Ardenridge Dr at Northrop AveArden Manor
​Witter Ranch Park
Saintsbury Dr and Fa Nient Way
City of Sacramento​
​Womack Park​Castleview DriveElk Grove
​Wood Park​6755 Bodine CrCity of Sacramento
​Woodbine Park​2430 52nd AveCity of Sacramento
Woodlake Park​​500 Arden WayCity of Sacramento
​WT Mason Park​5601 Andea BlvdSunrise
​Zapata Park905 E St City of Sacramento
Z'Berg Park​​7423 Alma Vista WayCity of Sacramento
​Zehnder park​Neosho DriveElk Grove
​Zimbelman Park​Big Horn BlvdElk Grove









































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